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Saya is a personal blog wholly owned by Ancha Hardiansya. This blog contains many things, sometimes important, sometimes not important at all. The notes here are more of an opinion that can be personally accountable.

This blog is also a container for writers’ writings scattered in various places. One of them is poetry that is scattered on Facebook and Twitter. So that I hope you don’t melt or disgust to see more poetry on this blog.

About My Career

I have a career in journalism for about 10 years. Since college, I have been active as a campus journalist. I have also taken part in self-development training, both locally and nationally. But never participated in international forums, except WPFD 2017 in Jakarta some time ago.

As a freelance journalist and blogger, I see this forum will play an important role in my journalism career. Especially to meet with the community as far southeast Asia. Exchanging experiences will make the horizons wider.

The development of data journalism and the use of technology has changed many things. Including how journalists respond and apply for technological advances. My background as a print journalist is still sticky, but in the last two or three years, I tried to develop myself in online journalism.

So it is with bloggers. Since 2014 I have become a blogger as well as a journalist. Although these two things I apply differently, the functions and tasks remain the same. Moreover, I work alone and offer writing to the media in need.

Opportunities to follow Southeast Asian community media issues and challenges are very important to me. I have the hope of joining a larger community of journalists. All this time, only the Alliance of Independent Journalists Indonesia has become a place to gather and develop knowledge. I have the idea of reaching a larger community.

In the area where I came from, Makassar. Journalistic work is still limited to the delivery of information only. Not touching substantial things, such as how to move the reader community to be concerned with social circumstances. This is much different from the increasing number of social media users. Mainstream media began to be replaced by a society in social media.

This fact is made worse by the lack of good access to journalists about the progress of journalism in other parts of the world. Digital journalism still uses the old way. Move the concept of conventional media to digital, without changing its work.

That is why I am very willing to follow Southeast Asian community media future issues and challenges. To share the knowledge and development of the journalistic world to my friends in the area, I come from.

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